Part 1- Mockup and Long View
Colorful Life Of A Poisonous Dart Frog is a mock-up exhibit that is meant to be shown at the St. Louis Science Center. The purpose of the exhibition is to educate people about the life cycle of a poisonous dart frog. There are seven panels. All of the panels are connected to show the process of a dart frog's life cycle. I incorporated bright and eye-catching colors because of their physical features and the plants in their habitat. I also include the bromeliad throughout because of its importance in the dart frog's upbringing.  
Part 2-User Friendly App
For the second part, I chose to create an educational app. This app is designed to reach both adults and kids. Users can navigate through the rain forest while finding different animals and plants associated with a dart frog's life cycle. This allows people to continue learning about frogs while also having a fun time doing it!

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